Our Why

By 2050, the United Nations predicts that the world population will reach 10 billion. This increase will fundamentally change the resources available to sustain, feed, and power our planet. 

10 Billion Strong is both pragmatic and optimistic. To be sustainable, we will need to come up with creative solutions to growing challenges, change our lifestyles, and develop the next generation of leaders. We believe in harnessing human ingenuity and willpower in order to maintain a planet that works for all life.

Our Theory of Change

We work for long-term sustainability through a portfolio of programs which create opportunities for young people across the world to learn, connect, and act on critical environmental issues.

Our short-term goals are to educate youth, drive impact in communities through sustainability action and policy changes, and to utilize networks and collective action to share information and ideas between communities. 

Our longer impact will be achieved by developing leaders who champion sustainability, regardless of their career or location. By investing in youth and creating lifelong support networks, our community will have sustained impact across all sectors, including business, government, labor, and nonprofit organizations.

Our leadership Philosophy

At 10 Billion Strong, we have three core pillars that define our leadership philosophy. First, we believe that anyone can be a leader and that leadership isn’t a position, but rather a set of actions. Second, we believe that the best leaders are those that work to create other leaders. Finally, we believe that leadership is a life-long process of constant improvement and self-reflection.

Our Culture manifesto

Collective Action – We believe that our work is amplified through collaboration with others and that with a shared vision, we can create change at scale.

Everyone’s a Leader Our community supports all people to develop the belief and ability that leadership can be initiated by anyone, regardless of title or position. We also believe that everyone can and should teach and share.

Systems Practice We know that understanding and leveraging systems is the key to effecting meaningful changes. We actively work to think “big picture” and find the most effective methods for impact.

Strength Through Diversity – We value and insist on authentic inclusion, which acknowledges historical legacies of power and privilege, for a new vision of true collaboration.

Imagine the Potential – Too many environmental movements focus on doom and gloom, fire and floods. Instead, we seek to imagine a bright and bold future that is uplifting and inspiring.

Nothing for Us, Without UsThis simple statement carries a lot of weight. Embedded in it are the values of inclusion, humility, respect for local input, and authentic collaboration.