10 Billion Strong protects the environment for current and future generations by training leaders to build sustainable communities. We convene high-potential leaders and build their capacity to launch movements and drive environmental impact. 

By training our leaders with cutting-edge environmental knowledge, and combining it with leadership and civic engagement skills, we’ve developed effective and ambitious leaders in more than 90 countries.

Our leaders’ impact includes: 

  • Launching eco-friendly businesses to repurpose agricultural waste for more efficient fuel sources in Kenya.
  • Diverting tons of plastic from rivers in Indonesia.
  • Trained farmers to use climate-smart agricultural techniques in Ghana.
  • Helping farming communities to balance livelihood needs and wildlife conservation in Namibia.
  • Building community support to protect endangered whale sharks in India.
  • Protecting critical habitat for elephants and pangolins in Malawi.
  • Building a community of practice for circular economy practitioners in the United States


Our Vision is a world in which all people feel equipped and empowered to create solutions to environmental challenges.


Our Mission is to inspire, train, and support the next generation of global environmental sustainability leaders.

Our Priorities

  • Reimagining our economic systems to transform our wasteful linear economy to regenerative circular economies.

  • Protecting critical biodiversity on land and under the water.

  • Helping communities deal with pollution of all types, especially air pollution, water pollution, and the plastic pollution crisis.

  • Supporting next generation leaders to develop the skills to flourish in a world of renewable energy opportunities.

  • Inspiring climate action that spans adaptation and mitigation.