10 billion people on earth is not actually a problem, but an opportunity.

By working together, we can create a planet that thrives for all life.
10 Billion Strong can make this happen by training and empowering people for a flourishing future.

What We Do

10 Billion Strong provides local education, training, and leadership that empowers aspiring young adults and professionals to learn and take action on environmental sustainability through advocacy and innovative solutions.


We help leaders understand critical environmental challenges across the globe and in their communities.


We support youth to develop leadership skills to lead themselves and others.


We guide our leaders to take effective actions and transform their communities.

Areas of Focus


We are working towards a world that designs out waste from production and consumption.

Biodiversity Preservation

We help protect biodiversity in the most critical regions across the world.


We support climate change leaders working to transform our energy systems and patterns.


We support coastal communities to conserve natural resources and protect livelihoods.


We help to launch the next generation of environmental entrepreneurs.




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In underserved communities across the world, there is minimal or no sustainability training, yet there is a desire to find solutions to protect and conserve the environment of their communities.
We are able to create greater impact because we train and empower people on-the-ground in their own communities, building a deeper sense of ownership for sustainability and regeneration. 
We believe that regenerative communities lead to a flourishing planet.

Our Impact

As of 2024, we have accomplished the following:
Tons of Plastic Diverted
0 +

In Indonesia, we’ve helped more than 500 households keep their plastic out of the ocean. 


We work with emerging leaders in 93 countries and across six continents.

New green leaders

Our team and alumni train ambitious leaders to take action in their communities. 

People Impacted

Our programs and alumni impact include training, new sustainable products, and plastic waste diversion.

Our Partners and Alumni Span the Globe

Impact Builders

"Leadership is the key to driving sustainable change, and 10 Billion Strong is at the forefront of developing the next generation of leaders that will tackle the pressing environmental challenges of our time."

Swathi Maneeshankar
Green Leaders Academy Participant, India
"The Green Leaders Academy provided resources for me to learn about new topics and also learn how I can be an advocate and leader. I now feel confident to use different policy and activism techniques to enact real change in my community."

Kate Wexell
Green Leaders Academy Participant, United States
"With 10 Billion Strong, we are able to focus on critical environmental issues, especially food systems, waste management, and sustainable tourism. By investing in leaders, we can address important challenges across Indonesia."

Hermitianta Prasetya Putra
Master Trainer, Indonesia
"Working with 10 Billion Strong, we trained more than 1,000 Kenyan youth per year and made it possible to secure the largest grant in our organization's history."

David Mulo
Master Trainer, Kenya

Current Initiatives

We organize training and environmental action programs to transform leaders and communities.

Action Fellowships

We bring cohorts of emerging leaders from Africa, Asia, and the U.S. together to work on wildlife conservation, energy ecopreneurship, and the circular economy.

Action Hubs

Our action hubs in Africa and Asia are growing communities of leaders who are dedicated to driving change.


We co-founded CircularSTL, a coalition working to drive out waste and pollution from our economic systems.

Green Leaders Academy

We train leaders to use the civic engagement to effectively address environmental challenges.

harvest Plastic Lombok

We are transforming waste management in Indonesia, village by village.

Phones for the Planet

We reduce toxic e-waste, decrease the production of unnecessary electronics, and bridge the digital divide.

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